Why These?

My business started with the natural sea sponges and how amazing they are and how I loved them.  I did research on these beauties and they are truly the best cleaners for dishes, pots, pans, windows, animals cars and more.   They are anti microbial (thats how God made them) and they are farmed sustainably.  When the sponge is cut from the coral it is cut 5 inches above the stock at an angle.   With that it grows back twice as fast and five times as large.    Its like a rose bush when you prune them correctly.   The sponge loves gathering and releasing just like it does in the ocean.  So if you have a greasy oily pan it soaks up the oil and releases it with water.   They don't get smelly and if for any reason you want to make them look fresh just place in a bowl with a 1/2 cup of baking soda and water, let them soak for a few hours and rinse out and air dry.    Its that easy.   They are long lasting and eco friendly.   The man made petroleum based sponge is bacterial ridden and gives my sponges a bad name.  Sea sponges are the only sponges used in Europe.    Other uses of sponges is for painting and pottery throwing and more.  They are truly multi faceted. 


The dryer balls came next.  I love less chemicals in my house and had a problem with using fabric softener and dryer sheets due to the amount of chemicals it placed on my clothing.   So I found these lovely Wool Dryer balls.  The gal who makes these balls purchases carded wool from Italy and felts the balls four times to create a tight compact ball that will last for years.   They absorbs the water on the clothes and aerates them as they dry so you reduce drying time.   You must use at least 4 balls per load to have the most effective results.   With 4 dryer balls I have reduced my drying time by 20 minutes per load.  My dryer is not the best so it helped me save money, electrical cost, degradation on my machine and degradation on clothing and no chemicals added.    Its a win win!


I am a wholistic gal who believes in less is better and with that I found my next new product...Stellarcleanz.   Stellarcleanz is a product that cleans germs and microbes from you and yourself and any germy surface.   It is a 99.9% silver embedded cloth that you use dry and it is highly effective.  It replaces Purel and can be used on grocery cart handles, bathroom doors and any thing your worry about.   Its been wash tested in labs over 500,000 times and has been 100 effective with no degradation.   Its easy to carry in a small pouch and fits in pockets and purses.  Great for traveling and great for peace of mind.   A must have for moms and germaphobes like me. 

About Carmel

About Carmel

Carmel O’Sullivan is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master.  She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education from California State Northridge. She is certified through Healing Beyond Borders and recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association.  She is trained in sound therapy by Bliss Bowls Healing Arts.  Also has taken “Death Doula” certification classes with the Death and Dying Institute.  She has been doing healing energy work since 2012 and I has worked with over 200 clients.  She specializes in working with breast cancer survivors, auto immune patients and complicated medical clients. Her passion is people and helping their life journey.  

Carmel is also an Authorized Distributor of the Biomat, and other Richway products.

Are you wanting to feel more balanced, less stressed, less pain or anxiety, Healing Touch can help you achieve a more balanced life.